Butterfly Moms


“Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief.”

-Swedish Proverb

It is true that sharing similar life experiences can be both healing and empowering. This becomes vital dealing with the loss of a child-no matter the age of the child or the age of the mother. If you are a woman who has experienced that loss – either recently or a long time ago, you may have a need to share. But you may also have the power to help by communicating your experience.

Butterfly Moms is facilitated by Torie Swanson and meets at Zion on the third Saturday of each month. Signs are posted throughout the church to guide you upstairs to the Sunday school room. This is a community group and is open to all women who have experienced this losts. If you have questions or would like to recommend this group to a friend, please email Torie Swanson at gmatorie@gmail.com

Consider your need and please join us

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